ADASA COVID-19 Information

Important announcement - Transition to COVID-19 dental practice restrictions Level 1 - Thursday 14 May 2020

The ongoing strong advocacy of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) Inc. and ADA South Australian Branch, and collaborative work with the Australian Health Protection Principle Commission (AHPPC) has finally brought great relief for the dental profession and the many patients awaiting treatment in South Australia.

Although it is not yet business as usual, as of Thursday 14 May 2020 you will be able to service patients under Level 1 dental practice restrictions.

The Emergency Management (Appropriate Surgery during COVID-19 pandemic No 4) (Revocation) Direction 2020  is now in effect.

COVID-19 has very quickly created a new normal, disrupting day-to-day life as we have come to know it, and impacting significantly on everyone’s life through social distancing,  self-isolation and the staged closure of certain non-essential services such as pubs and gyms.  

While the implications of the pandemic for the Australian community continues to change on a regular basis, your dental health continues to be important and we’d encourage you to use the information on this page to manage your dental health during this unprecedented event.   If your treatment has been delayed, we ask for your patience. We're all in this together.



In light of the increased restrictions in Victoria, ADASA reminds members to visit the SA Government COVID-19 webpage and SAPOL websites to keep up to date with current restrictions and guidance on cross-border restrictions, pre- approval forms, and isolation periods when travelling interstate.