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Teddy bears, tigers and tarnished teeth: Congress media wrap-up

Posted on 5/23/2019
From teddy bears, to tigers getting root canals, to teeth crafted with stains and cracks. Such was the broad range of subject matter the media feasted on during the 38th Congress.

National Volunteer Week: Meet the dentists supporting the work of the ADHF

Posted on 5/21/2019
The dental profession has a long and proud history of working in the community to promote the importance of oral health and the critical role it plays in a person’s quality of life. This focus extends well beyond a practitioner’s immediate community

ADA ready to keep working with Coalition for affordable dental care

Posted on 5/21/2019
Australia's peak dental body has reaffirmed its commitment to collaborating with the re-elected Coalition Government to improve Australia's dental health and to implement the ADA's Australian Dental Health Plan (ADHP).

38th Australian Dental Congress wrap-up

Posted on 5/20/2019
From start to finish, the 38th Australian Dental Congress (1-4 May) was a feast for the eyes, the mind, and yes, even the soul.

Dental plaque-removing robots could be coming to mouths everywhere soon

Posted on 5/13/2019
For some, it may conjure up images of a good oral health health-assisting Skynet, but two new robotic systems developed by a team of engineers, dentists and biologists from the University of Pennsylvania suggest that the idea of small robots scurryin

Federal election campaign: The dental profession says “enough is enough”

Posted on 5/8/2019
Australian dentists have called on all political parties to slash the inequality in the country’s dental system by making access to dental care around the nation a right, and not a privilege.

Infection control: Doing the right thing is the easy bit

Posted on 5/7/2019
Between seeing patients, sterilising instruments, taking calls, paying wages, ordering stock, dealing with staff and keeping up-todate with your professional requirements, every dentist struggles to find the time to document all the things they do so

The brave new world of Australian dentistry

Posted on 5/6/2019
Even when you take a brief look at some areas of development expected in dentistry within the coming years, it’s understandable why some practitioners admit they find it all a little overwhelming.

Teeth whitening products may cause damage to dentin issue

Posted on 5/3/2019
Three new studies have found that hydrogen peroxide, even when it occurs in over-the-counter whitening strip concentrations, can cause harm to collagen and non-collagen proteins.

Taking the next step on eating disorders

Posted on 5/2/2019
In April, the ADA, in partnership with The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC), introduced the new Practitioner Guide and e-leaning module Open Your Mouth, which have been designed to educate ADA members on eating disorders and how to star