Mind the Gap

The Australian Dental Association's SA Branch (ADASA) has been working with Nick Xenophon and other health associations to help create our new Mind the Gap campaign, which calls for health insurers to provide equal rebates no matter which provider a patient chooses.

ADASA are campaigning for a law which forces private health funds to pay the same rebate when the same treatment is provided under the same policy no matter which dental practitioner the patient chooses to visit.  ADASA President, Dr Anthony Smerdon said the proposed legislation was "desperately needed". 

"When private health insurance was introduced one of the main principles was for patients to have choice of provider.  The current system has completely changed this as patients are directed by the large health funds to see contracted providers otherwise the fund financially penalises the patient".

Dr Smerdon said " the UK-based BUPA had bought Australia Private Health Insurers including the SA-based Mutual Community and was intent on increasing its market share by controlling the rebate system.  Dr Smerdon urges all sides of politics to embrace Nick Xenophon's policy and recommends consumers to consider switching to not-for--profit health funds to maintain the integrity of the private health system.

Mind the Gap POSTER
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