ADASA COVID-19 Information

ADASA confirms that members may transition from Level 5 to Level 1 dental practice restrictions and this will take effect and apply as of Sunday, 12.01am 22 November 2020.

Level 1 Dental Practice Restrictions 

Under the new Direction, the Emergency Management (Public Activities No 14) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 announced yesterday, and which has come into effect at 12.01am Tuesday 1 December 2020, all healthcare facilities, including GP practices:

  • Will be required to have a COVID Safe Plan.

  • The COVID Safe plan for healthcare settings must include a contact tracing system, such as the COVID SAfe Check-In. There will be initial leniency as healthcare settings establish this.

  • All people (including patients, patient’s family members, healthcare staff, administrative staff, contractors, and cleaning staff) are required to wear single use surgical masks when on healthcare sites. Cloth masks are not sufficient for healthcare settings.

  • There are exceptions to mask wearing in some situations, such as, certain breathing difficulties, mental health conditions, communication with deaf or hard of hearing community members, people under the age of 12.

  • A heath care setting includes, GP practices, public and private hospitals and specialist practices, including drug and alcohol facilities, pharmacies, allied health services, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, dental services.

  • Density requirements should be 1 person per 4 square metre.  Density requirements do not include people employed at the practice.

Failure to comply with this Direction is an offence.

In addition, to help contact tracing, many services will also require a COVID-safe plan and the Safe Check-in (QR reader) from today Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Developing a COVID-safe plan is a straight forward process for practices and many will already have such plans in place. More information regarding COVID-safe plans is available at

Please find attached a link for QR Codes information

The Safe Check-in QR reader system will be rolled out early next week and will store data for 28 days within the secure data storage facility of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The CDCB contact tracing team will be able to quickly identify who was on site at a health service at any one time through real-time access to this data.

Contact tracing

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ADASA advises Members to regularly check the SA Health and COVID-19 websites for updates as developments unfold.

Click here for SA Health COVID-19 website