ADASA Constitution

On signing an application to join ADASA membership, the member enters an agreement to be bound by the Constitution of the Branch.  Below is a link to the current ADASA Constitution and is available for members to download.
ADASA Constitution
(Adobe PDF File)

ADASA Constitution / By Laws document

Summary of Amendment to ADASA By-Law 9 Standing Committees

In accordance with ADASA Constitution, Clause 8.2 “Procedure to Make, Amend or Revoke by Council”, amendments to By-Law 9 Standing Committees, Terms of Reference Investment Committee were approved at the last Council meeting. Council discussed the Objectives and Responsibilities of Investment Committee, which was to oversee the management of funds surplus to the day-to-day cash flow requirements of the ADASA, on behalf of Council.  Following Council discussions, it was resolved that the Terms of Reference Investment Committee would the revoked from By-Law 9 Standing Committees and Council would assume the Objectives and Responsibilities of the Investment Committee.

In accordance with Clause 8.4 of the ADASA Constitution “Notification to Members Creation, Amendment, Addition or Revocation”, the recently approved amendment of By-Law 9 Standing Committees, are detailed below. As required, a copy of By-Law 9 Standing Committees immediately prior to and after the amendment is provided.

ADASA Constitution By-Law 9 (Pre-Amendment)                                ADASA Constitution By-Law 9 (Post-Amendment)