ADASA Constitution

On signing an application to join ADASA membership, the member enters an agreement to be bound by the Constitution of the Branch.  Below is a link to the current ADASA Constitution and is available for members to download.
ADASA Constitution
(Adobe PDF File)

ADASA Constitution / By Laws document

Summary of Amendments to ADASA By-Laws

In accordance with ADASA Constitution, Clause 8.2 “Procedure to Make, Amend or Revoke by Council”, amendments to the By-Laws listed below were approved by a Council Resolution on 28 October 2019.

  • By-Law 5 Application for membership
  • By-Law 6 Subscription fees
  • By-Law 9 Review Committee Terms of Reference
  • By-Law 9 Awards Committee Terms of Reference
  • By-Law 9 Practice Support Committee Terms of Reference

In accordance with Clause 8.4 of the ADASA Constitution “Notification to Members Creation, Amendment, Addition or Revocation”, the recently approved amendments to the listed By-Laws are detailed below. As required, copies of the relevant By-Law immediately prior to and after the amendment are provided. 

The Council approved amendments to By-Law 5 ‘Application for Membership’ noting that ADASA membership application forms are available on the ADASA website, therefore the ‘Purpose’ and the ‘Operative Provisions’ of this By-Law have been updated to describe the current process.

The Council approved amendments to By-Law 6 ‘Subscriptions Fees’ noting that the subscription fee schedule is obtained via the ADASA website which is described in ‘Operative Provisions’. The procedure to inform a member of the subscription fees for the current subscription year as described in ‘Purpose’.

The Council approved amendments to By-Law 9 Standing Committees, Terms of Reference for the Review Committee, Awards Committee and Practice Support Committee.

Terms of Reference Review Committee:

Amendments to Terms of Reference include, the de-identification of a member in 4 ‘Reporting and Communication Procedures’ and, in Annexure A 2. Investigation of a Member’s Conduct’, (b), altering the number of written or recorded verbal opinions required. In addition, a new clause (q) has been added to describe the reporting of any Council consideration of recommendations from the Review Committee and link this to the description of this process within By-Law 10 ‘Disciplinary Procedures’, ‘Operative Provisions’, clause 4.

Terms of Reference Awards Committee:

Amendments to Terms of Reference, refer to the creation of new Branch Award which is to be named ‘Award of Merit’.  The ‘Award of Merit’ acknowledges significant service to the Branch or to the art and science of dentistry.

Terms of Reference Practice Support Committee:

Amendments to Terms of Reference, refer to a reduction in the number of meetings from ‘at least five’ to ‘at least two’ allowing greater flexibility depending upon the work scheduled for the Committee.

ADASA Constitution By-Law 5 (Pre-Amendment)                                ADASA Constitution By-Law 5 (Post-Amendment)               

ADASA Constitution By-Law 6 (Pre-Amendment)                                ADASA Constitution By-Law 6 Post-Amendment)

ADASA Constitution By-Law 9 (Pre-Amendment)                                ADASA Constitution By-Law 9 (Post-Amendment)