ADASA Constitution

On signing an application to join ADASA membership, the member enters an agreement to be bound by the Constitution of the Branch.  Below is a link to the current ADASA Constitution and is available for members to download.

Notice of Members of recent amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

Pre amendment                                                                      Post amendment

ADASA Constitution September 2018                                ADASA Constitution August 2020


In accordance with clause 10.1 of the ADASA Constitution, Members were notified of the intent to propose a Special Resolution to the Voting Members at the Branch meeting on 26 August 2020 to amend Clauses 4.1 and 4.3 of the Constitution.

It is with pleasure members are informed that the Special Resolution was passed unanimously, and the proposed amendments have been accepted.

Explanatory notes to Members re Special Resolution

Copies of both the relevant ‘old’ and the ‘new’ clauses are provided for the information of Members.

4.1 Council

Pre amendment clause 4-1 Council                                                                                       

Post amendment clause 4-1 Council

4.3 Appointment

Pre amendment clause 4-3 Appointment                                                                                

Post amendment clause 4-3 Appointment

As a result of the ADASA Constitution changes, Council have approved consequential amendments to the following By-Laws and Schedule to allow these Constitution changes to be enacted.  In accordance with clause 8.4 of the Constitution copies of these relevant By-Laws and Schedule immediately prior to and after the amendment are provided below:

By-Law 11.1 Number of Ordinary Councillors

Pre amendment BY LAW 11-1 Number of Ordinary Councillors                                                                             

Post amendment BY LAW 11-1 Number of Ordinary Councillors

By-Law 12.1 Councillor Tenure Restrictions

Pre amendment BY LAW 12-1 Councillor Tenure Restrictions                                                                                       

Post amendment BY LAW 12-1 Councillor Tenure Restrictions

By-Law 14.1 Annual General Meetings

Pre amendment BY LAW 14-1 Annual General Meetings                                                                                    

Post amendment BY LAW 14-1 Annual General Meetings

By-Law 16.1 Notice of Meetings

Pre amendment BY LAW 16-1 Notice of Meetings                                                                           

Post amendment BY LAW 16-1 Notice of Meetings

Schedule 1 Nomination Form

Pre amendment Schedule 1 Nomination Form    

Post amendment Schedule 1 Nomination Form



In addition, Council wishes to inform members that at its meeting on 14 September 2020 the formation of a ‘new’ Standing Committee, to be known as the ‘Nomination Committee’ was approved by Council.  It was considered that this Committee in addition to the Constitution and By-Law changes described above will enhance the overall governance of the Branch.

In accordance with ADASA Constitution, clause 8.2 "Procedure to Make, Amend or Revoke by Council", Members are informed of the Terms of Reference of the Nomination Committee. The main role and responsibility of this Committee will be to assist and advise Council on matters relating to the Council’s composition and structure and matters relating to the selection and performance of the CEO.

In accordance with clause 8.4 of the ADASA Constitution "Notification to Members Creation, Amendment, Addition or Revocation", the approved Standing Committee, Terms of Reference Nomination Committee is attached below.

Terms of Reference, Nomination Committee


If Members wish to discuss any of the preceding information or any matters relating to the ADASA Constitution and By-Laws please feel free to contact any of the following.

Dr Angelo Papageorgiou, ADASA President                           (08) 8272 8111 or

Dr David Mann, ADASA Constitution Committee Chair     0448 233 328 or

Mrs Nicola Khouri, ADASA Executive Assistant                    (08) 8272 8111 or

Nomination Form
(Adobe PDF File)